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Reid: 'At no point was I trying to ram him off the track'

BTCC News | Mon 10th May 2004

Anthony Reid has insisted that his contact with James Thompson in race three at Silverstone was down to nothing more than a ‘racing incident’. “It was the sort of thing you see twenty or thirty times in any race”, he told “Normally nothing would come of it, but for some reason his car got sideways.”

Reid: <i>'At no point was I trying to ram him off the track'</i>

“My car was clearly quicker than his, and I had already passed him once. He then attempted to re-pass me and we were running very close together. He went in to the corner a little more slowly than I anticipated, but it was really the lightest of touches.”

"It was just the mildest of touches"

“As he slowed, I found myself with the pack breathing down my neck. Had I slowed down, I would have been passed by two or three cars.”

The BTCC Clerk of the Course did not agree with Reid’s view of the situation however: “I was excluded from the race results by the Clerk of the Course”, continued Reid. “But without question we immediately appealed that decision. I felt very aggrieved by the penalty due to the amount of contact in the race that went unpunished.”

“My appeal on the severity of the penalty was upheld and it was reduced to a ten-second penalty. I am still not happy with that in view of the other standards of driving seen in the races, however I will just have to accept it and get on with the job for WSR.”

“At no point was I trying to ram him off the track. It was just the mildest of touches.”

There was also contact between Reid and Neal in the same race, as he explains: “It is very straightforward. I was leading the race and the car was very fast. Then all of a sudden, I was hit from behind and I ended up off the track.”

"It is obvious that certain parties within the paddock are feeling the pressure"

The incident was reviewed by the Clerk of the Course on the basis of a protest by Team Dynamics, but then later, much later in fact, Dynamics withdrew their complaints.

“It is obvious that certain parties within the paddock are feeling the pressure. West Surrey Racing are doing an amazing job with very limited resources. We don’t have the support of a manufacturer behind us and I think we are causing major concerns for some of the other teams.”

For Reid though, every cloud has a silver lining: “There is only one thing worse than being talked about in motorsport, and that is not being talked about.”

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