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1998 Season

April 13th, Thruxton
April 26th, Silverstone
May 4th, Donington Park
May 17th, Brands Hatch
May 25th, Oulton Park
June 14th, Donington Park
July 28th, Croft
July 26th, Snetterton
August 2nd, Thruxton
August 16th, Knockhill
August 31st, Brands Hatch Indy
September 13th, Oulton Park
September 20th, Silverstone

Championship Standings


POS  DRIVER                 CAR                     POINTS 
1    Rickard Rydell         Volvo S40               254
2    Anthony Reid           Nissan Primera          239
3    James Thompson         Honda Accord            203
4    Alain Menu             Renault Laguna          187
5    Jason Plato            Renault Laguna          163
6    David Leslie           Nissan Primera          148
7    Yvan Muller            Audi A4                 110
8    John Cleland           Vauxhall Vectra         106
9    Derek Warwick          Vauxhall Vectra         70
10   Will Hoy               Ford Mondeo             69
11   Gianni Morbidelli      Volvo S40               56
12   Peter Kox              Honda Accord            52
13   Matt Neal              Nissan Primera          35
14   Paul Radisich          Peugeot 406             31
15   John Bintcliffe        Audi A4                 23
16   Tommy Rustad           Renault Laguna          12
17   Tim Harvey             Peugeot 406             10
18   Nigel Mansell          Ford Mondeo             7
19   Robb Gravett           Honda Accord            7
20   Craig Baird            Ford Mondeo             6
21   Roger Moen             Honda Accord            1

Manufacturers Cup

POS  MAKE                   POINTS 
1    Nissan                 273
2    Volvo                  245
3    Renault                244
4    Honda                  222
5    Vauxhall               162
6    Audi                   150
7    Ford                   117
8    Peugeot                96

Michelin Cup for Independents

POS  DRIVER                 CAR                     POINTS 
1    Tommy Rustad           Renault Laguna          251
2    Robb Gravett           Honda Accord            212
3    Matt Neal              Nissan Primea           211
4    Mark Lemmer            Vauxhall Vectra         95
5    Roger Moen             Honda Accord            92
6    Paula Cook             Honda Accord            27

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